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Giraffe Hat

Giraffe Hat

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This Hand painted paper Panama hat is a classic model in the shape of a fedora in white with a good quality-price ratio. This hat is full of class, thanks to its bleached color and its black trim. This hat is perfect for a long stay in the sun or a ceremony while offering you a lot of shade thanks to its wide brim and its composition. Each Panama hat is Signed by the Artist and Initials can be added as an option. Please e-mail for more info regarding custom design options.

This 100% Paper Panama hat is a Unisex design and none foldable.

Material is 100% Natural Paper

Care: Brush the hat with a stiff bristle brush. This will remove a majority of the dirt and prevent damage if you are caught in the rain while wearing the hat. Combine a mild dish soap with water and dip a clean rag into the mixture. Rub the hat following the straw to clean off any dirt or mildew that may be forming

Please note: Your order will be manufactured and sent to you within +/-2 weeks if we are out of stock on your selection. If your order has an urgent deadline, please contact us to enquire if we have stock readily available to be sent.

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